Print On Demand Mockup Images


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Print On Demand Mockup Images

Mockup images play a significant role in your print on demand online store. Customers make purchasing decisions based on them, so the sales images need to be excellent and showcase the product’s best features in the best possible way.

A good choice is to use ready-made mockup images taken by professionals, which you can find on various marketplaces online. Investing a few dollars in a good image will pay off soon enough.

The use of mockup images is simple: you purchase an image, for example, of a T-shirt, and then add your own product design to it. This way, you can easily create good sales images without having to take separate photos of each product you sell. Using mockup images saves you a tremendous amount of time and money. And the best part is that mockup images are available in various styles. For instance, you can buy an image with the product worn by a model or nicely placed in a specific environment.

The best places to get mockup images are Envato PlaceIt and Creative Fabrica. I’ll tell you more about them next.



PlaceIt is a service specializing in various mockups and templates. Its strength lies in being able to directly upload your own design to the service and easily apply it to different mockup products. You don’t need a separate image editing program or editing skills to use this service. I personally use it extensively to create sales images for my own print on demand online store.

With a small monthly fee, you get unlimited rights to use and download mockup images from PlaceIt. The fee also includes the rights to use various clipart images, editable video templates, book cover templates, flyers, posters, social media banners, and you can even create your own logo using the service! All the products available on the service can be freely used with a membership.

I recommend PlaceIt if you want to easily and quickly create high-quality mockup images without the need for image editing software in between.


Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is an online store where you can purchase mockup image templates for various products. Creative Fabrica offers a wide range of high-quality models from different sellers. You can also make unique finds here, as the mockup images may have a slightly different style than those on PlaceIt.

Creative Fabrica is cheaper than PlaceIt, but you will have to arrange the images on the product yourself using image editing software. This means it takes a bit more time and is slightly more technically demanding, but you can manage it with basic computer skills.

From Creative Fabrica, you can purchase images individually or by paying a low monthly fee, which allows you to download unlimited products. The same membership includes fonts, clipart images, coloring pages, and everything else available on the service.

I recommend Creative Fabrica if you want high-quality mockup images at an affordable price and are willing to use image editing software to modify the images.


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