Why You Aren’t Making Sales on Etsy

Why You Aren’t Making Sales on Etsy

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Why You Aren’t Making Sales on Etsy?

So, let’s say you find yourself in a situation where you have taken the leap and started your own Etsy shop, but unfortunately, you haven’t had much luck in terms of sales. You may be feeling discouraged, but trust me, you’re not alone in facing this common challenge. In fact, the majority of Etsy sellers experience difficulties in achieving consistent sales. However, it’s important not to lose hope, as there can be several factors contributing to this setback, which we will delve into shortly. By identifying and addressing these reasons, you can significantly improve your chances of success on this vibrant and competitive platform.

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When a new seller sets up an Etsy shop, there is a tremendous surge of excitement and high expectations. However, amidst this anticipation, it is easy to overlook the crucial groundwork that is necessary for effectively selling one’s own products. Even if the groundwork has been meticulously done, it is important to understand that Etsy’s algorithm takes time to index new products. As a result, these freshly published products may not be immediately discoverable using Etsy’s product search. It typically takes an average of one to three months from the time of product publication to secure the first sale, allowing for the organic growth and recognition of these offerings within the Etsy marketplace.

When you initially establish an Etsy shop, it is crucial to maintain an active presence on a daily basis to ensure visibility by the Etsy algorithm. This entails consistently adding new products for sale and optimizing the existing ones. By making regular modifications to your shop, you demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation, which can positively impact your shop’s performance and visibility among potential customers.


let’s address the issue at hand – the frustrating lack of sales, despite a strong and dedicated effort. In order to tackle this challenge effectively, it is crucial to first evaluate the demand for the product. Taking the time to thoroughly assess and verify the product’s demand before proceeding with the sales strategy will not only save valuable time and energy, but also help avoid the pitfalls of investing in an ill-performing choice. This thoughtful approach ensures that efforts are focused on promoting a product with a proven demand, maximizing the potential for success.

The easiest way to ensure product demand on Etsy is through the Everbee add-on. Everbee shows the monthly search volume on Etsy for desired keywords. With this tool, it’s easy and quick for you to check how popular the product you are planning to sell is on Etsy.

You can also analyze individual listings, allowing you to see the demand for a specific product. Everbee is a great tool because you can also see the keywords attached to the product. This makes it easier for you to think about keywords for your own product as well. If you wish, you can also analyze all the products of an entire shop to see how popular your competitors’ products are. You can check Everbee from here.

Etsy SEO

One of the challenges you might encounter is optimizing your store for the Etsy search engine. Ensuring that your customers can easily find your store and products is crucial, as this directly impacts your sales. In this regard, implementing effective search engine optimization techniques becomes an absolute necessity. Of course, it is possible to drive traffic to your store through paid advertisements; however, it is worth noting that organic, or free, traffic is always highly desirable for maximizing exposure and increasing conversions.

To optimize your title for better visibility on Etsy, it’s crucial to include relevant keywords. Research indicates that the first three words in the title hold significant importance according to Etsy’s algorithm. Therefore, ensure that the main keyword is positioned right at the beginning of the title. By strategically integrating keywords into your title, you can enhance your chances of attracting more potential customers and boosting your listing’s visibility in search results.

Secondly, have you remembered to mention your keywords in the product description as well? Ideally, include them at the beginning of the text and a couple more times throughout, so that Etsy understands what your product is all about. It’s essential to provide a comprehensive and detailed description of the product, highlighting its unique features and benefits, as well as any relevant information that would help potential buyers make an informed decision. This will ensure that there is no confusion regarding the product and its specifications. However, it’s worth noting that despite the importance of well-crafted product descriptions, it’s a reality that some buyers may not thoroughly read through them. This brings us to the most critical aspect of a product’s appeal – the sales images. By presenting high-quality images that showcase the product from various angles and highlight its key attributes, you can capture the attention of prospective buyers and compel them to take a closer look. Together, a well-written and detailed product description, combined with enticing sales images, form a compelling combination that can attract and engage potential customers.

Sales images

Are your sales images appealing enough and do they showcase your product attractively? You can use various mockup images in presenting your product. Good mockup images can be found on different websites, such as Creative Fabrica or PlaceIt, but you can also purchase them on Etsy. Creative Fabrica also offers other materials to support your sales visuals, such as size charts. On the other hand, PlaceIt specializes in creating mockups and you don’t need a separate image editing program to design as you can directly upload your design into their mockup service. I recommend exploring these services, the links can be found in the video description.

It would be important for you to include all product and shipping-related information in your sales images, as customers often look at the sales images rather than reading the product description. Therefore, ensure that all sales images are of high quality and avoid using ready-made images from potential print-on-demand suppliers, as they may not stand out from the crowd. The main image of the product is the most important image, where your product should shine. The second image can be a more detailed picture of your product. Depending on your product, the usage image of the product can be the first or second image. Place information about the product’s size and other important details in one image. You can also add information about the product’s shipping terms and possible satisfaction guarantee in one image.

Unique products

To maximize the chances of success on Etsy, it’s crucial for your products to be unique and set them apart. When multiple sellers offer a product with identical designs, it often leads to a price competition where customers tend to opt for the cheapest option available. However, it’s important to note that this practice is strictly prohibited by Etsy’s rules. Therefore, if you utilize ready-made designs, it’s recommended to customize and modify them to create a unique offering that no other seller has. Failure to comply with these guidelines can result in significant consequences, such as having your product removed from sale or even facing a shop ban. So, it is of utmost importance to exercise caution and ensure strict adherence to all of Etsy’s regulations to maintain a successful presence on their platform.


The last important thing to consider is the price. If you price your product too high, you won’t make any sales. Look at how much competitors have priced similar products and at what price they’re in demand. Everbee also helps you figure out pricing. It can give you an idea about how much other people are charging for a similar product and what the competition looks like in that market. You can also see if any listings have gone viral or not, giving you an indication of when to adjust your prices. All in all, Everbee is a great tool for understanding the marketplace better. 

Also, pay attention to whether the product offers free or paid shipping. Customers love free shipping, but naturally, the product’s price must be higher in order to cover the shipping costs. Calculate your product’s margin carefully so that you don’t incur losses, as Etsy also takes a portion of the product’s sales.


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